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34 réponses à “MAX le chien”

  1. Greidy dit :

    Bon bin toi tu te mets e0 Twitter et moi je reprend mon blog ! On est plutf4t syhncro dans la re9volution virtuelle ^^ , bisous !Ps : tes photos dans l’ article du dessous sont sublimes !

  2. Comate dit :

    j’ai une fille de 2 ans et demi et chaque fois que je vais chez le frere de ma femme, jenny rocemmence a avoir des ralement dans la george a notre retour car il possede un chien des chat circule a l’exterieur de chez lui et possede deux chevaux a l’arriere de sa maison. Nous sommes triste et nous ne savons pas quoi faire,Jenny aime beaucoup aller voir ses cousins cousines, devons nous nous abtenir y aller?

    • Torie dit :

        Renato Afonso20 de Setembro de 2011Ola gente! Gosto mt do vosso site. Exaetiplmence de se terem dedicado a por apps para mac! Continuem o voço o(p)timo trabalho!

      • Margaretta dit :

        Been using it since Christmas 2008 and couldn’t be happier.Well, as long as I didn’t zoom, that is.I use it for taking photos on my motorbike and it’s stood up to all conditions, surs3ain/sleet//now/mud&#82n0;Last week we went to Rarotonga for 10 days.The screen died the 2nd time we went snorkling.It still takes photos but no LCD activity at all.Dammit.

    • http://www./ dit :

      You are not the average blog writer, man. You certainly have something important to contribute to the World Wide Web. Such a great blog. I’ll revisit again for more.

    • http://www./ dit :

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    • When a page loads, the bookmark bar goes away; maybe this is a new feature but i would like to keep it. Please make this configurable so that people who need this bar always still have it.

    • I am so happy you liked Cold Kiss! I thought the story was so cool and I cried so many times over Wren's memories of Danny. And I was frustrated by Wren, too, but also remember being a dumb teenager. Thank goodness I couldn't do magic! lol Great review, Candace!

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    • Lynda dit :

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    • Winter dit :

      Humans would be better to go into space because they can tell you what you saw and what was out there. Humans would also know what to do out there instead of just sitting there. Animals cant tell you anything. I mean I know that it’s just for expneimerting, but it’s a big waste of time.

      • Allie dit :

        You still haven’t written a single substantive comment. Every one of your responses has been nothing more than a personal attack, a virtual admission that you can’t defend your position on any issue.But that’s unelrstandabde.

      • cheap 22 dit :

        At least you get some return for your efforts in the form of the items you are sent to review. So you can justify the time spent. It does suck you in though, doesn’t it?

    • http://www./ dit :

      selena is a good teenage girl. she probably gave the ring to justin to show how much commited to not have sex. justin wouldnt do it either. JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!!

    • http://www./ dit :

      I miss 'Date Added:' being in the main info window and also in 'related videos' and 'More From:…' . Please bring it back. It makes it much easier to decide which videos to watch without having to click on each one.

    • http://www./ dit :

      A good many valuables you’ve given me.

    • http://www./ dit :

      Je peux pas être objective… j’aime toute les tenues que tu portes avec ces chloés! je suis douillette au niveau des pieds (tout l’inverse de toi visiblement) mais pour ces plateformes, je veux bien sacrifier quelques orteils!!

    • guarda un pò…..Arturo Vidal, unico giocatore oltreoceano della Juventus tornerà subito a disposizione di Antonio Conte per preparare la sfida al Napoli. Il mediano della Roja ha rimediato un rosso diretto durante la sfida con l’Ecuador terminata con una sconfitta per 3-1. Vidal colpisce l’avversario proprio sotto gli occhi dell’arbitro. Che strana coincidenza…

      • Debrah dit :

        For hvem skriver du anmeldelser? Er det kun pÃ¥ papir eller lenker du dem opp her ogsÃ¥? (Kanskje jeg har sett for dÃ¥rlig pÃ¥ bloggen din nÃ¥ og at hvis jeg titter litt til sÃ¥ har jeg svar pÃ¥ spmeÃsÃr¥len¸.)

    • Hey! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any problems with hackers?My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losinga few months of hard work due to no back up. Do you have any methods toprevent hackers?

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    • Priest dit :

      Helena P comentou em 3 de dezembro de 2009 às 16:13. Tenho um pedido !!!!!!Mostra o seu closet um dia desses para nós?????, só uma fo8niho&#t230;. é o meu sonho desde que entro no blog!!! e olha que faz tempo heim? bjo

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