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Jeu mahjong Dog Mahjong 2

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Connectez les tuiles identiques avec les chiens pour remplir les dix niveaux. Servez vous de votre souris pour effacer les tuiles identiques. Sers toi de l’astuce pour avoir des indices. Ce jeu est un très bon jeu qui pourra vous éveiller votre sens de l’observation. Amusez vous bien.

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2 réponses à “Jeu mahjong Dog Mahjong 2”

  1. Sahrul dit :

    Ah, travel in China The leainvg the door open thing gets to me, especially when the inhabitants are smokers, often smoking on a nonsmoking floor.In general, if you are looking for a nice quiet getaway, do not go to a resort that caters to Chinese tours, where you will be overwhelmed by buffet gorgers and tour guides with ridiculously loud and distorted microphones/speaker. Do not go to a park (at least the ones in Beijing), where you have Karaoke wars. I have been to many lovely pristine places which were absolutely overwhelmed by mainlander’s noisy and often blatant misbehavior.It’s often like being on a field trip with 6 graders. I could deal with the crowds. But it’s their frequent ignoring of signs, littering, children defecating and of course spitting. I recall in the Museum of Japanese Aggression in southwest Beijing, a guy was taking video in a gallery where no photos are allowed. This happens all the time in China but the unique thing was that there was a guard that told this guy 5 times to stop and he kept doing it. The guard was 6 inches from the guy’s ear shouting at him and he still continued filming.Of course, I am a foreigner and it is their country. But on the other hand, many mainlanders agree that these miscreants ought to behave and obey the rules. But they just shrug and tolerate it.Mei ban faThe all time worst was my friend was visitng Xian and was at the Terra Cotta warrior pit gazing down at the amazing sight of hundreds of life sized statues when she heard the sound of someone preparing for to spit. Sure enough the guy horked up a giant sized one over the rail and into the pit and nailed a statue right on the shoulder. Who does that kind of thing?

  2. Jean Mi dit :

    Alors là, je dis bravo au développeur de ce jeu car je le trouve excellent, il est vraiment fun et permet de passer des bons moments ! Ca c’est directement en favoris !

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