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Chiens Marchant

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Aide cindy à se promener avec ses chiens. Comme tous promeneurs de chiens professionnels, vous devez faire attention à chacun des chiens et bien vous occuper d’eux. Pour toutes les personnes qui aiment les chiens comme cindy ce jeu vous plaira sûrement. Amusez vous bien avec eux !

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27 réponses à “Chiens Marchant”

  1. Daniel dit :

    Review by Lizzy for Rating: Quoi de plus normal pour une peitte fille de vouloir dormir aux cf4te9s d’un chien bleu, il est vrai mais le pays des reaves, n’est-il pas bleu?De superbes illustrations mealant reave et re9alite9 et un jeu de couleurs avec les moments cle9s de l’histoire.Ce livre, fort en e9motion, est un de9lice.Merci Nadja.A offrir ou e0 s’offrir absolument.

  2. gouzi dit :

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  3. Gisela dit :

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    • Jean dit :

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      • Martha dit :

        Th1;#&e82e7rs nothing wrong with going full out and trying to scare the little critters. That is what Halloween is about. If they’ve got the balls to stand it out then fair enough they deserve some sweets.

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    • Lenna dit :

      Haha, love the face you gave your BFF! lol That is one HUGE pumpkin! Where was he taking it?!SO, which one is Fr??deAnd fun, a combined birthday party! Looks like a super sweet boss! Teddy bear! 🙂

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    • I Love the review Joe! I especially enjoyed the part about understanding where you came from to know where you are going. I would also like to add that I think the movie is about finidng your bliss or your hapiness. In the end, thats what we all want 🙂

      • Tina dit :

        Me, first? I thought so too, Karen. It’s the chemical apparently the manufacturer used back in the 80s and before. I am ultra ch-imcalesensitive. Now, I rarely have the issue. Just happy camper when I find silk

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  12. http://www./ dit :

    Never seen the molten goodness before. Will have to try it out the next time I'm there. Looks so good!Love the pizza there too. It's been ages since I've last been there. Should go back.

    • Lainey dit :

      As a relative newcomer to the world of disability, he’s done very well, but he really hasn’t got a handle on the rest of the co;y#nitm&u8217ms values, perspectives or priorities.You call him a shithead for that? Seems a little much.You also make it sound as if the disability community is monolithic. What is official word on said community’s Values, Perspectives and Priorities?

  13. Hehe..imponert over at han holdt seg der han var..Major skal « drepe » snøskuffa han.. Veldig festlig nÃ¥r man er pÃ¥ tur, mange som mÃ¥ker snø om dagen..

    • Olivia dit :

      tem 3 dias que não consigo entrar na minha conta de msn no hotmail nem entrar na minha caixa de entrada podem me dizer o que ta ocorrendo por que eu não consigo acetgar?sraso messias

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  15. Wouldn’t it be a lot more effective to ban web by itself? And English education? And just stop all flights going away from the country? If thats completed, I’m confident nobody in Pakistan will should dwell with such concerns.

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